Oladapo Adeyemi

Ola. PicGraduate Student 

Ph.D student, Environmental Resources and Policy, 
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL
M.Sc. Environmental Management, Webster University,
Saint Louis, MO
B.sc. Environmental Management and Toxicology,
Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria


Born and raised in Nigeria. I had my education till first degree in my home country, Nigeria. My research focus in my first degree was jeered towards environmental toxicity. I researched on various ways of biodegradation and bioremediation of soils with crude oil and pesticide residue contamination (using plants and microorganisms). I also did some wastewater research work especially as it relates to chemical effluents from point source and their impact on wildlife in the marine habitat.

Previous Research work

My masters was more about environmental management and my research work was more on policies, sustainable development, and risk assessment (developing a well-structured risk assessment program for all kinds of projects)

Current Research work

My PhD research work is focused on integrating winter cereal cover crop (wheat) into a corn cropping system, its effect on nitrogen nutrient loss and availability. The integrated cropping system would look at the effect of different cover crop termination period on subsequent corn yield. Split nitrogen application rates and times as a means to reduce the effect the of cover crop planting before corn season will also be studied. Nitrogen dynamics (site related) in the soil and plants from before the cover crop was planted to when the corn is harvested. Decomposition studies (above and below ground) of the terminated cover crop residue will also be done. Nitrous oxide gas emission I also a part of the study done in this research work.

This research work is focused on reducing how much nitrogen is lost, through nitrate loss (leaching) and nitrous oxide, from the soil during the period when cash crops like corn are not planted using winter cereal cover crop, while also ensuring the yield of the cash crop at harvest is not negatively impacted.

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