Gulcin Sener


Gulcin completed her university education in soil science and plant nutrition in Turkey. After graduating, she did her master’s degree at the same university and in the same department. After completing her master’s degree, she received a scholarship from Turkey and came to America to continue her postgraduate education.

Previous research

During her university education, she worked as a laboratory assistant on soil chemistry for 3 years in the soil science laboratory. After graduating, she received a scholarship from TÜBİTAK, a research institution in Turkey, and started her graduate education at the same university. During her master’s degree, she worked in the soil science laboratory for the same institution for 3 years and she worked on soil chemistry and soil properties and mapped some properties in soil using the geostatistical method. In addition to this, she attended organic agriculture seminars and received a certificate in this field. After completing her master’s degree, she won the Turkey-sponsored postgraduate study abroad scholarship for postgraduate education abroad and started her doctorate at Southern Illinois University in plant and soil science and continues her education.

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