Madhabi Tiwari

Madhabi picGraduate student

M.S. Soil Science, Southern Illinois University
M.S. Plant Science, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.
B.S. Plant Science, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Background/ Previous Research 

Madhabi Tiwari is from Nepal. She completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Plant Science with major ecology. She involved in research of carbon stock on the forest floor and soil of the tropical moist forest of the eastern part of Nepal. During her research work, she analyzed the carbon stock on litters and soil by the Walkley-Black method. She has experimental research knowledge on soil physio-chemical properties and available nutrients in the soil.

Current Research 

Currently, she is a Master student at Southern Illinois University with a focus on cover crops in different tillage systems.  In this project, she will find out interaction among tillage, cover crops (rye, hairy vetch), and their effects on cash crops (corn, soybean) and nitrous oxide emissions. She has involved in this project since January 2020. She has been trained for soil sampling, processing, working with Gas Chromatography (GC). Her research results aim to increase the grower’s awareness and knowledge about tillage and cover crops combination to promote conservation practice in the southern regions in Illinois.

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