Mustafa Guzel

Visiting Scholarimage-1

Ph.D., BiosystemEngineering-Tokat Gaziosmanpasa
University Turkey
M.S., BiosystemEngineering-Tokat Gaziosmanpasa
University Turkey, 2018
B.S., AgricultureEngineering-Aydin Adnan Menderes
University Turkey, 2011


Mustafa grew up in Turkey as one of the children of a scientist father. Due to the system difference, he chose the agricultural mechanization department in the last year of his undergraduate education. After graduating from his undergraduate degree, he took part in agricultural initiatives such as agricultural machinery, after-sales services, mushroom growing, green house production to grow plants and mushrooms in the agriculture sector. He started his academic career as a research assistant at Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University in 2016.

Previous Research

During his M.S. at TOGU, he has participated in 7 published articles, oral presentation sand posters in 8 different international congresses on green house construction techniques, energy efficiency of different mechanization systems used in grain production, and physico-mechanical properties of agricultural products. He wrote a master’s the sistoexamine the energy efficiency of safflower production in a certain region in Turkey according to different machineus age types, to compare his findings with the results of the methods of other safflower producers in the same region and to recommend the best machineus age technique.

Current Research

With the courses Mustafa took within his PhD courses term; focused on image processing techniques and artificial intelligence applications in agriculture. He completed 2 seminar presentations, 1 published book chapter and 1 article on the se topics. He continues his studies on “Detection of some weeds (Sinapisarvensis, Consolidaregalis and Cirsiumarvense) in wheat production by deep learning” for her doctoral thesis. With the se researchideas, Mustafa has earned national and international scholarships from the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and participates in studies as a visiting researcher at Southern Illinois University since August 2021.

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